Monday, August 23, 2010


Radio Vaticana report: There is less than a month to go until Pope Benedict arrives in the UK on a Apostolic Visit. One of his engagements during the September 16th to 19th trip will be a visit to St. Peter’s Residence for Older People, in Vauxhall. Bishop Andrew Summersgill is UK Co- ordinator for the Papal Journey. He explains more about this item on the Pope’s Itinerary:

"St Peter’s home for the elderly is in Vauxhall, it's run by the Little Sisters of the Poor and on the Saturday afternoon of Pope Benedict's visit he will go to St Peter’s to visit the community there and to visit the elderly residents and their families. The importance of the this visit is that within all the great gatherings and events of the Papal Visit there's a real opportunity for the Holy Father to go as a pastor to those who cannot go to him - to those who are housebound, to those who are elderly. And it's a great opportunity to celebrate the pastoral care that is given, day in day out, by so many people in the Church. I also think it's a chance to underline the importance the Church places, and particularly Pope Benedict places, in his own teaching and ministry, in the value of life - the value of life from its beginning to its natural end. To visit a home where those who are coming towards the end of their life are cared for both spiritually and physically, is a real value and sign to our community and our society. It's a great thing for the Holy Father to do while he's here".

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