Monday, September 6, 2010


All Africa report: Catholic priest Paulino Canjengo on Sunday at Nossa Senhora do Monte Shrine, Caála District, in the central Huambo Province, called on young people to cultivate humility and contribute to the preservation of peace.
The prelate said so at the closing ceremony of the juvenile religious pilgrimage held on 03-05 September, at Nossa Senhora do Monte shrine, which was attended by 2.500 youths from several parishes of Huambo Archdiocese.
Paulino Canjengo, who is also the rector of the mentioned shrine, also called on young people to be more responsible and exemplary in their conduct, thus promoting human values and standing up against domestic violence in society.
"To love is to see sense in life in all circumstances", said the Catholic priest at the mass that marked the end of the pilgrimage.According to the prelate, humility has to be cultivated particularly by the religious youth, who should have Jesus Christ as their example, who died to redeem man from sin.
Priest Paulino Canjengo equally appealed to young people to give up alcohol, arrogance, petulance, polygamy and polyandry, aiming at edifying a harmonious society, where citizens have the responsibility of protecting human rights for the wellbeing of all.
"In our lives we need to have a communion with God and feed the soul with the word of the Supreme Creator" emphasised the priest.
The prelate also stressed that human wisdom should not be used to manipulate or confuse the people, but to establish a social relationship filled with charity and justice.

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