Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Cath News report;
An avowed Penola atheist says his survival from a heart attack Mary MacKillop's constitutes "third miracle".
Penola post office owner Jon Banks said he was happy to take any miracle he could get when he suffered a heart attack. Jon's wife, Bev, has no doubts about the reason for his survival, reports the Adelaide Advertiser.
"Considering we live in Penola, it's got to have something to do with Mary MacKillop. We're going to sit him out the front of the post office," she said.
Mr Banks chips in: "It's her third miracle!" But he also adds the real credit goes to the medical staff who saved his life: "I'm an atheist from hell ... when you've died and someone brings you back you're very appreciative."
Mr Banks, 54, a former truck driver, was sorting mail early last Friday when he felt chest pain.
"I thought, that's not good, I hope it doesn't get too bad or I can't carry all the gear in," Mr Banks said.
"I started perspiring a bit, next minute ... the sweat was running out of me and I knew something was definitely wrong."
His wife Bev rushed him 50km to Mt Gambier Hospital where he collapsed. Staff shocked Mr Banks up to 11 times trying to get his heart into a rhythm before a visiting cardiologist gave him drugs to treat a blood clot near his heart.
"The head honcho in emergency said don't worry about buying a Lotto ticket because you've just won Lotto, you've had your win."

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