Friday, September 24, 2010


Cath News report; The West Australian Greens MP Robin Chapple, whose voluntary euthanasia bill was voted down, has vowed to continue pushing for the legislation, said an AAP report in the Sydney Morning Herald.
The bill would have allowed people over the age of 21 with a terminal illness and who were sound of mind to ask a doctor to end their life. It was defeated 24 votes to 11 after two days of debate.
"I would say in reality that is probably fairly reflective of the community," Premier Colin Barnett told Fairfax Radio on Thursday.

Mr Chapple said he was "disappointed" and would reintroduce the bill if he serves another term in parliament.
At the Federal level, Australian Greens leader Bob Brown says restoring the rights of territory governments to introduce euthanasia is his top priority, said a separate AAP report, and Ms Gillard has promised Labor MPs a conscience vote.
Asked yetserday for her own view on the bill, she said she would reserve that until she had seen the private member's bill.
"I'm not going to give an indication about my own personal decision in relation to that bill until I see it," she told reporters in Canberra.

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