Sunday, September 26, 2010


Cath News report: A local councillor has joined the protests at artist Rodney Pople's Bellini 21c exhibition at the Australian Galleries in Sydney's Paddington.
About 20 protesters held a three-hour prayer session outside the gallery before the exhibition launch last Tuesday and about 40 held a demonstration last Saturday, the Wentworth Courier reported.
Some read passages from the Bible while others held placards with messages including "You should be ashamed" and "Be warned, God will not be mocked".
Woollhara councillor Peter Cavanagh said he was appalled by the "disgusting exhibition" and that he had been inundated with letters of complaint.
He admitted that he had not seen the exhibition, but had explored all avenues to have it shut down.
The artist, Pople, said he was "all for the protesters making their point" but described Cr Cavanagh's comments as "illiterate".
"I would have expected a higher level of intelligence from a Woollahra councillor and a higher understanding of the freedom of expression," Pople said.

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