Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Agenzia Fides REPORT – Initiate growth and social and economic autonomy of the province around Kaya, situated between desert and savannah: this is the goal of a large project of human, cultural, health, socio-economic, and even athletic development, entitled “A Challenge to the Desert,” launched by Magis, (Movement and Action of Italian Jesuits for Development).The project marks a turning point, on October 30th, with the inauguration of the lessons at the new Agricultural Institute in Kaya. Within the school, there is also a computer room open to the public with 20 workstations equipped with computers. The school management for the next three years will be entrusted to the office for Catholic schools of the Diocese of Kaya.In addition to education, the Jesuits, with a team consisting of religious and lay volunteers, are working on developing initiatives for water supply, a cooperative work, and other health-related activities.Father Umberto Libralato, vice-president of the Foundation Magis, explained that several months ago the project of a large man-made lake in Lebda was completed. It was filled thanks to the rains, which can contain up to 4 million cubic meters of water. The lake will favor irrigation, which will create agriculture work with growing vegetables, corn, etc. for thousands of people, who are already organized into many small cooperatives. "We are helping to create a historical generational impact," says Father Umberto. The works were designed and produced in collaboration with local authorities.In addition, they are also thinking of building a recreation and sports center for the benefit of young people. Magis is a project of the Italian Jesuits who work for missions throughout the world.

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