Thursday, October 28, 2010


Agenzia Fides REPORT – July tank explosion victims left without support
“The people have not received practically any of the money raised to help them," Fides has been told by local church sources (which for security reasons asked not to be cited) in Sange, a town in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where on July 3 more than 300 people died from the explosion of a tanker loaded with fuel (see Fides 03/07/2010)."There are at least 2,000 people without a home and about 350-400 still in the hospital recovering from burns caused by the fire that followed the explosion of the tanker," the sources said Fides."Despite promises by the authorities and the collection of funds at the government level throughout Congo, families who have lost their homes in the blast received only 3 metal sheets each, to rebuild a decent home, when it takes at least 40,” explain our sources."The 10 parishes in the local area have collected a thousand dollars that was used for treatment of patients most in need and for other urgent needs," the sources of Fides add.The tragedy happened on the main street of the village, when the tanker capsized after hitting another oncoming vehicle from the opposite direction. "The wreckage of the truck is still there and work to make the road safer has not started. Another incident similar to that of July could happen again," concludes the sources of Fides.

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