Sunday, October 17, 2010


ALL AFRICA REPORT: The bishop of Rumbek, Caesar Mazzolari, has urged Sudanese people to turn to St. Daniel Comboni to plead for them before God to obtain a peaceful referendum.
Speaking to Good News Radio regarding this year's feast of St. Comboni in Sudan, Bishop Mazzolari of Rumbek said that Comboni day is celebrated with what he described as a "deep, deep emotion" because of the love the Sudanese people have for Comboni as the founder of the Church in Sudan.
Bishop Mazzolari cited St. Comboni's consecration of Sudan to Our Lady of Sacred Heart in Khartoum in 1867, explaining that by this act, St. Comboni manifested his awareness of "the struggling, poor, suffering people of Sudan" and asked the Virgin Mary "to bring peace, light, freedom, and healing upon the mission of Sudan."
Bishop Mazzolari, a Comboni Missionary, encouraged the Sudanese people to turn to Comboni as they prepare for the referendum, imploring him to obtain for each Sudanese person what he described as "a peaceful mind, a heart which is at peace, healed from the many wounds" caused by many years of war, poverty, and the many other struggles of life.
Meanwhile, Moses Mapuor Maker, a faithful of Holy Family Rumbek yesterday told Good News Radio that Comboni is the patron of not only Sudanese people, but all Africans, citing Comboni's deep conviction that Africans would be saved through the sharing of the word of God by Africans themselves.
Mapuor further said that he found inspiration in the life of Comboni who endured many hardships, adding that anyone who suffers with faith and hope in God will be rewarded with eternal life like St. Comboni.
The Church in Sudan owes much to the Comboni Missionaries, taking a lead in direct evangelization, establishment of formal learning institutions, health services, among other Church ministries.
The Sudan Catholic Radio Network is the latest of the many initiatives of the Comboni Missionaries in Sudan, a project that was conceived at the time of the canonization of St. Daniel Comboni's in October 2003.

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