Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Agenzia Fides – - Possibility of national unity government after presidential ballot is good news
"This is good news, because Guinea needs to continue on the road of national unity, which has until now been well managed by the National Transitional Council (CNT),” Fides learned from a local Church source in the Republic of Guinea, where yesterday, the two candidates seemed willing to accept the proposal of the President ad interim, Sekouba Konaté. Whoever wins the presidential elections on October 24 will form a government of national unity, which also includes the party of the defeated candidate. The news was announced by the two candidates themselves, Alpha Condé and Cellou Dalein Diallo, October 11, during a televised debate.The interim Head of State also urged the two contenders to make sure the vote is conducted in a peaceful environment. The vote was scheduled to take place on September 19, but was postponed due to organizational problems (see Fides 16/9/2010). The first round was held June 27 and has seen the emergence of Diallo with 43.69% of the votes, while Conde was second with 18.25% of the vote. Between September 11 and 12, there were violent clashes in the capital Conakry between supporters of Condé and Diallo. "The mere fact that there are dates is good news, because the country already talked about 'the Ivory Coast syndrome' (in Ivory Coast, the presidential elections have been postponed for 5 years, the vote is scheduled for October 31)," said the source of Fides. "The President's proposal to form an interim government of national unity is a continuation of the good work carried out by the National Transition Council, which created the institutions that are important for the country. Guinea still requires a period of national unity in order to consolidate social peace, awaiting the ripening of conditions for a peaceful political dialogue between majority and opposition," concludes our source.

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