Monday, October 25, 2010


Cath News report:
More than a year since starting on a project of 32 works for the Church, artist Paul Newton describes it as the "most monumental in size and monumental of jobs" he has ever undertaken.

Newton, who is from Dural west of Sydney, is on his way to completing a 2.25m by 1.7m canvas of Saint Mary MacKillop, reports the Hills Shire Times.
Also featured in the painting are two school children, modelled by Newton's niece and nephew who "had fun getting dressed up" as poor children depicted in the scene of an early prayer meeting in The Rocks.
"This is just one of the really big paintings I have been working on to complete for the official opening of the Australia House chapel in Rome for early next year," he said.
"By the time of the opening I will have completed 10 out of the 32 works," he added, saying it would take him another 18 months to complete the rest.

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