Saturday, October 16, 2010


Cath News report:
Thousands of Australian pilgrims celebrating Mary MacKillop's canonisation are making their presence felt in the Eternal City, sometimes to the bemusement of the locals.
The Herald Sun reports that groups are waving Mary MacKillop flags and wearing green and gold Mary MacKillop scarfs, and are out in force in St Peter's Square for the Pope's regular Wednesday appearance.
"What is happening?" asked one Italian couple as they watched happy groups of Australians streaming out of the Caravita church in downtown Rome, armed with their pilgrim packs, which also include water, ponchos and Mary MacKillop prayer cards.
The younger they are, the more enthusiastic they seem, said the report.
"Having Mary MacKillop made a saint is like a 'yes, we can' moment for Australia," said Sydney teenager Rian Galliott, touring with the Catholic Youth Mission group.
"It's a turning point for young people in the church to be here on this occasion. It's like we're being entrusted with the church and we're going to keep on carrying the torch that Mary MacKillop lit.
"Who knows, in 100 years they might be saying someone who was in Rome for this event might have lived a life good enough to be considered a saint."

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