Sunday, November 21, 2010


ALL AFRICA REPORT: BUukedi Diocese has established a panel to resolve conflicts between rivals vying for local government and parliamentary seats in the region ahead of the 2011 general elections.
The diocesan Bishop, Dr. Nicodemus Okille, said a spate of violence in the sub-region has shown the church the importance of creating harmony in the area.
The diocese covers Budaka, Busia, Tororo, Butaleja, Kibuku and Pallisa districts.
"Incidents of political violence have prevailed in the region to the extent that we can't sit back and watch each of the warring parties angrily reach for each other's necks," Okille said.
He made the remarks while addressing journalists at the diocese headquarters in Tororo town on Sunday.
He said a group of eminent personalities of integrity have been assigned to carry out the role of reconciling the warring parties in the region.
The panel will, among other things, bring the warring parties to a round table and seek to resolve their problems amicably and have peaceful elections in the region.
"I am appealing to the community and the politicians in the region to consider dialogue as a solution to political differences, rather than violence," Okille added

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