Saturday, November 27, 2010


UCAN REPORT: About 20,000 Muslims, Christians and tribespeople joined a two-hour parade in the southern Philippine city of Zamboangato mark the start of “Mindanao Peace Week“ on Nov. 25.

Representatives of civil and military organizations, business and labor groups and urban poor communities also joined the event to express “concern for peace and commitment to peace-building” in Mindanao.

Claretian missioner Father Angel Calvo said the annual celebration was a time for residents to renew their commitment to peace and peace-building.

Father Calvo heads the Inter-Religious Solidarity Movement for Peace that has spearheaded the “Week of Peace” celebration since 1998.

“We have come out together to the streets to show our common concern for peace and to celebrate our diversity,” he said.

Professor Ali Yacub, who spoke on behalf of the Islamic community said Muslims in the city invite everybody “to come together with us on the basis of what is common to us, which is also what is most essential to our faith and practice – the two commandments of love of God and neighbor.”

Italian missioner Father Giulio Mariani said “the demand of our mission is for a deepened understanding of other religious communities, their religiosity and their theologies, attitudes of genuine respect and reverence for other beliefs and spiritualities.”

A statement by Protestant Churches said they were “united to manifest the same promise to pursue our common aspirations to see peace not simply an abstract idea but rather a real fruit of hard work and unity.”

Indigenous peoples said in a joint statement that they renew their commitment “to work to uplift not only our own tribes but for the greatness of all.”

“Our initiatives will ultimately bring about a harmonious relationship among the indigenous people through regeneration of culture and other peoples to achieve peace,” they said.

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