Monday, November 22, 2010


CATH NEWS REPORT: A support committee promoting the candidature of Belgian sociologist and Vatican II expert, Father Francois Houtart, for the Nobel Peace Prize has withdrawn its bid upon the priest's request, said a media release.

"The support Committee for the candidature of Fran├žois Houtart for the 2011 Nobel Prize wants to thank the thousands of people (74 countries) who have participated to the signature campaign," the committee states.
"Such a result has showed the importance of alterglobalisation ideas and actions, facing the present challenges for nature and humankind.
"However, Fran├žois Houtart asked the Committee to put an end to this personalised campaign.
"His age and his personal projects would not allow him to fully assume the role requested in such circumstances. He believes that what needs to be especially emphasized is the collective character of the innumerable movements and persons who are struggling for another possible world.
"The steps we have accomplished together have been part of a great movement and manifested a hope for the future. We are closuring this phase, asking to everyone to continue in all possible places an action indispensable for the safeguard of nature and of human life," the media release says.
Father Houtart played a key role in the development of the World Social Forum. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Sri Lankan Buddhism.

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