Friday, December 31, 2010


CNN REPORT: The oldest African-American church in DeKalb County no longer has a church.

Flat Rock Community Church originated 150 years ago. Now, one of its fifth-generation members says, "we're in limbo."

In November, the church broke away from the United Methodist denomination over a dispute over their property. In December, dealing with a dwindling membership, the church could no longer afford its $6500 mortgage.

As a result, the building on Evans Mill Road went into foreclosure.

"That led to another decline in membership," said senior pastor Binita Miles. "People are so hurt that they're giving up."

But congregation members and leaders are most discouraged because they are facing issues that have to do with politics and finance, not religious prayer.

Generation after generation have built this community since slavery," said archive president Johnny Waits, "and for us to lose it now, it's kinda hard."

For now, the congregation continues to find a way. They have been praying at the Flat Rock archive building for the past month. Starting in January, they move to nearby Flat Rock Elementary School.

Says Miles, "God wants us to continue to glorify him, no matter what we're going through."

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