Monday, December 20, 2010


CATH NEWS REPORT: The Catholic Bishops of Australia will travel to Rome in October 2011 on a spiritual pilgrimage designed to celebrate and strengthen their communion with the universal Church and the Pope.

The pilgrimage is known as the Ad Limina Apostolorum visit – or "to the threshold of the Apostles", and it will take place from October 10-22.

All Bishops who are charged with the leadership of a diocese, are required to make an Ad Limina visit every five years and present a report on the pastoral situation of the local Church. It is an important spiritual pilgrimage and a reminder of a local bishop's wider role in communion with the Bishops of the world.

The key events for Australia's Bishops will be a visit to the tombs of Sts Peter and Paul and a personal meeting with the Holy Father.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Archbishop Philip Wilson said he and his fellow Bishops would be seeking the prayers of those in their diocesan community as they prepared for the Ad Limina pilgrimage.

"The Bishops wish to involve the whole Catholic community in reflection and prayer, as we prepare for this spiritually significant event," Archbishop Wilson said. "The Ad Limina visit confirms and celebrates that which we profess at Mass each week in the Micene Creed when we express our belief in the 'one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church'."

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