Saturday, January 15, 2011


NEWS.AU.COM REPORT: DESPITE much fanfare the newest additions to the Danish royal family slept through their first public outing.

The bundled-up pair, who are fourth and fifth in line to Europe's oldest throne, left Copenhagen's University Hospital today.

One week after they were born, the world got the first glimpse of the twins, who went home with their Tasmanian-born mother Princess Mary.

She said she was "so proud and so happy" of her "laid-back" twins.

Princess Mary, 38, carried the young sleeping prince and Prince Frederik, 42, cradled the little princess.

Their other children Prince Christian, 5, and Princess Isabella, 3, were waiting for their return at home at Amalienborg Palace.

When asked how she would handle four young children, Princess Mary said: "I don't know but I will do my best."

On the topic of any further children, the Princess laughed, saying "We have our hands full right now."

But Princess Mary said they hoped to bring the twins to Australia soon.

"We don't have complete plans arranged just yet but hopefully it is not too far away," she said.

"We look forward to introducing them to our friends and family back home."

The young royal family has now become the centre of media attention in Europe due to the rare addition of twins.

"They were already considered the perfect family," Danish royal commentator Ulrik Ulriksen said.

"But with twins they have exceeded everyone's expectations.

"As a mother of four, Princess Mary is now regarded as one of the leading female royalty in the world.

"She is the perfect princess."

Speculation has begun over the twins' names, which will be decided by their parents and will not be revealed until Princess Mary announces them at the christening in three to four months time.

An internet poll of more than 13700 Danes found Harald, Gorm, Sven or Knud were preferred names for the Prince, while Caroline, Sophie, Louise or Charlotte were favourites for the Princess.

Astrid and Ingrid have also been suggested as possible names for the girl, as well as Axel and Valdemar for the boy.

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