Tuesday, January 25, 2011


CATH NEWS REPORT: Two Sisters of St Joseph will undertake a "travelling roadshow" across Australia to raise funds for community project grants that will benefit those affected by the recent floods, according to a media release.

From March to October, the Travelling Sisters Roadshow - Australian Disaster Recovery will see the two religious visiting schools and town centres in capital citieis in a tour van. The Sisters will be raising funds to give grants of up to $10,000 to community projects that are helping those affected by the floods.

Every year the Mary MacKillop Foundation invites community-based self-help projects to apply for a 12-month grant of up to $10,000, with 40 successful applications chosen at the end of each year.

The Foundation will also provide up to 40 extra grants that will be reserved for projects that focus on disaster recovery across Australia, in addition to 40 grants for all other small life changing projects.

Sam Hardjono, CEO of the Mary MacKillop Foundation, said: "Our nation has seen what is probably its most devastating series of natural disasters, resulting in a loss of lives, homes, businesses, farms, schools and much more."The Roadshow will be raising money to help meet the extra grants. Applications open today, six months earlier than usual.

Sister Julianne, one of the Travelling Sisters, commented: "In the same way that Australia's first saint, St Mary MacKillop responded to the needs of her time, the Mary MacKillop Foundation responds to the needs of our time to relieve suffering and give hope. This is in keeping with Mary MacKillop's philosophy to "never see a need without trying to do something about it."

The total amount of donations will go directly to the community projects, none of it used for administrative purposes or for the roadshow, the organisation said. Donations can be made at the www.mackillopfoundation.org.au webpage


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