Monday, June 13, 2011


ALL AFRICA REPORT: A Catholic priest has lashed out at some leaders in Embu allegedly dividing the Embu and Mbeere communities. Fr Joseph Kirimi said politics of ethnicity has been overtaken by time.

"Issues on where one should live because of their tribe is affecting development," said Fr Kirimi. Fr Kirimi said local leaders should be on the forefront in fostering national unity. He called on the church to do its best to bring unity between between the two communities.

Speaking at a fundraiser, Fr Kirimi said there was need for leaders from Embu and Mbeere to unite and work together. He further called upon the parents and guardians to encourage education for their children.

The priest pointed out that rampant crime in the area and drug abuse will be reduced through educating the children. He argued that the crime in the area can not be curbed through the police but by empowering the youth with education and self-reliance skills.

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