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UCAN REPORT: International Young Catholic Students draw up plans to tackle world problems
Ritu Sharma, New Delhi
June 24, 2011
Catholic Church News Image of Catholic youth resolve to bring peace
Young delegates at the International Young Catholic Students program in New Delhi

Young delegates at the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) global formation session have resolved to be ambassadors of peace and strive to solve problems plaguing society.

“We covered five points during the session, including human, economic and faith crises,” said IYCS general secretary, Eduardo Koutsava, at a ceremony marking the end of the first part of the IYCS global formation session and 14th World Council in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The ceremony saw delegates given a certificate and a memento and also celebrated the IYCS’s 65th anniversary.

“We as students have limited resources, but nothing can overcome our decision to spread peace in the world,” Koutsava said.

He called upon governments and civil societies to join them and help bring about change in society.”

Around 120 delegates from 37 countries discussed the theme: Crisis and Conflict in the World — Students Offering Hope.

The students also attended study sessions to identify problem areas such as migration, drug addiction, abuse of women, human rights and environmental issues.

They also mapped out plans to resolve some of these issues.

“Through this session we have learned more about crises and conflict in the world,” said 17-year-old Ravish Zahid, a participant from Pakistan.

She said the discussions taught her how students can play an important role in solving problems in their countries.

Lama Tanjar, 21, from Lebanon said the study sessions have been very enriching. “I learned about how students from other countries would handle a crisis.”

Young Catholic Students’ Asia coordinator, Reyna Clemena Deloso said the sessions were a success.

“The students learned a lot from the study sessions and they will be able to carry out plans of action identified in the sessions,” she added.

The general body meeting and elections are to be held during the second part of the IYCS World Council, which ends on June 26.

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