Friday, July 29, 2011


Fides Service REPORT - "Last night we heard some incredibly powerful explosions. I do not know where the bombings occured, because I only heard the explosions around 2-3am. A very restless night, due to the bombing", says His Exc. Mgr.Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli to Fides.
"Bombings are being intensified, I do not know why. Maybe some decision from Tripoli is expected, but I do not think the leader will surrender so easily. Gaddafi still seems to be strong and I do not think the bombs will make him give in", said Mgr. Martinelli.
Meanwhile the circumstances of Abdel Fattah Younes’ death, the chief of staff of the Libyan insurgents, killed in an ambush yesterday, by a group apparently sent from Tripoli, still remain unclear. Younes, former Interior Minister of Gaddafi’s regime, had sided with the rebels in Benghazi, taking over the command of military operations of the insurgents. His leadership, however, was disputed between Hifter Khalifa, another military leader of the insurgents. (L.M.)

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