Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Catholic Church News Image of HK ‘Noah’s Ark’ theme park inspired by Bible story

UCAN REPORT: A life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark, as it is opened after the biblical great flood, now sits at a theme park of the same name in Hong Kong, reports Christian Broadcasting Network.

Its designers hope the scene can convey the Biblical story.

“The reason we chose that moment in the story is because this is the message we want to bring to Hong Kong, to China [and] the world today,” said the Noah’s Ark theme park manager Matthew Pine.

“In our lives we always face floods, we will face trials, we will face difficulties,” he explained. “If we can find a vessel to pass through those storms, those floods in our lives that may even threaten our very lives, that we can pass through, have a new beginning, have a new hope, as it was in Noah’s day.”

The ark sits next to a huge suspension bridge and one of the world’s busiest waterways. It resulted from a unique partnership between the government, a developer and Christian organizations.

Contractors built the ark the way the Bible describes – 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. Outside of the ark, a garden features nearly 70 pairs of life-size replicas of animals, while inside, the ark contains exhibits with rare animals like a nautilus, a toucan and exotic fish.

Screens show animated films that demonstrate how the original ark could have been constructed and how it might have been ventilated. The exhibits also teach that the story of a major flood is nearly universal throughout the world’s ancient cultures.

The Noah’s Ark is operated by several organisations, including Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Angela Luk’s Education Foundation Ltd., St. James’ Settlement, the Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong, and the Media Evangelism Ltd, reports The Christian Post.

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