Sunday, July 24, 2011


DIOCESE OF CANBERRA REPORT: “Don’t meddle with marriage” is the message that will be sent to all politicians on 16August at the National Marriage Day Rally.

From 10am to 12noon, people are invited to gather in the Great Hall of Parliament House to voice their opinion on proposed laws to permit same-sex marriage.

“In August 2004, Australians from all over crowded into the Great Hall of Parliament House, the Marble Foyer, the surrounding balconies and the Forecourt, demanding that marriage be protected and defined as a ‘union between one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’,” Australian Family Association national vice president Mary-Louise Fowler said.

“The message was heard and subsequently the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 was passed on 13 August 2004, with support from both sides of politics.”

Since then however the debates about redefining marriage have remerged.

“Many people, including Christians, are confused and have been silenced for fear of offending homosexuals,” Ms Fowler said.

“The fight to defend the institution of marriage is not about homophobia. It is rather about preserving the integrity of marriage, which is naturally oriented to the bearing and nurturing of children.”

Rally participants are encouraged to dress in ruby and gold, the colours of National Marriage Day.

Rebecca Hagelin, from the United States, will deliver the rally’s keynote address, One Man, One Woman: the Future of Civil Society.

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