Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Agenzia Fides report- Members of the south Sudan parliament have agreed on a series of resolutions which call for the urgent deployment of military forces and police in the State of Jonglei, reconciliation process and humanitarian aid to victims in the recent tribal clashes that provoked more than 600 deaths. The MPs voted for the resolution after hearing a report on behalf of the Minister of the Interior Gier Chuang with regards to the clashes that opposed the Murle population to the Lou Nuer. These clashes have claimed more than 600 victims.
Caretaker Information Minister Barnabas Marial Benjamin said that the National Assembly contributed ideas on how to stop cattle rustling that has always resulted in vicious revenge killings and feuds between different populations in the State of Jonglei.
According to the UN Mission in southern Sudan (UNMISS) more than 600 people were killed, 750 others were injured in the recent clashes in the state, while the continuing insecurity in the area has forced some 250,000 people to flee. Southern Sudan, independent since July 9, sees the proliferation of unrest in various areas of its territory. In addition to disputes over the control of pastures and cattle rustling, there are political tensions due to the presence of some armed groups. The Juba government accuses that of Khartoum (north) to feed the violence to exert pressure on the new State, which owns most of the oil reserves of the old Sudan unitary (LM)

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