Monday, October 17, 2011


CISA REPORT –At least seven people were brutally murdered early today in an attack in Ngaremara, Isiolo county. The dead included two children.

Rt Rev Anthony Ireri Mukobo IMC Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo has said that the government must provide adequate security to his faithful. He added that the security officers were lax in their response to the latest tragedy.

“We have lost innocent people including school going children still in their uniforms and due to this insecurity many families living at Daaba have abandoned their homes towards Archers Post. All schools in Ngaremara, Daaba, Arimet, Chumviele and Atan have also been closed,” he said.

The bishop called upon political leaders in the area to shun tribal politics and uphold the integrity of human beings.

He urged the government to convene a peace meeting in a neutral ground between the affected tribes.

“Let us be guided by the words of our national’s anthem, Let justice be our shield and defender, May we dwell in unity and peace and liberty,” he concluded.

During the raid, nothing was stolen from the victims.

The Catholic Church has taken short-term measures and is giving food to the affected people.

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