Sunday, November 6, 2011


CISA REPORT; RUMBEK November 4, 2011 (CISA) -The Diocesan Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, Fr. Fernando Colombo, has said that the feast of All Saints celebrated every November 1st, has its origin primarily in faith.

Fr. Colombo said this on Tuesday at Holy Family Cathedral in Rumbek during the Eucharistic celebration to mark the feast of All Saints.

He said that faith is at the basis of the feast of All Saints, explaining that the communion of the saints is an article of faith recited in the creed in the words “I believe in the communion of the saints”.

Fr. Colombo further clarified that the use of senses, imagination, reason and other human faculties for understanding are all preceded by faith in accepting the feast of All Saints, adding that the scriptures continually describe heaven as a feast where God is the host.

Fr. Colombo also evoked memories of different people who lived holy lives, among them, Pope John Paul II, founders of different Religious Congregations, late Bishop Ireneo Dud, and late Bishop Caesar Mazzolari among others.

He also invited the congregation to recall prayerfully family members and friends who touched their lives in different ways as sources of encouragement in life and in the journey of their vocations, explaining that these people are in communion with them, especially during the celebration of the Eucharist.

Fr. Colombo, who is a Comboni Missionary, called to mind a letter by St. Daniel Comboni about some fellow priests with whom he had difficulty relating with, saying St. Comboni envisioned these priests in heaven laughing with him about the earthly disputes they had had.

Fr. Colombo urged the faithful to keep their faith alive and to take encouragement and from the Beatitudes as expressed by Jesus.

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