Thursday, November 17, 2011


ARCHDIOCESE OF CANBERRA REPORT: About 420 people gathered in St Peter Chanel's Church, Yarralumla, for the opening of the assembly.

More than 400 Catholics from across the Archdiocese who attended last weekend's assembly heard a call to "try new things".

In his closing remarks, Archbishop Mark Coleridge said the Church needed more imagination and energy, which he recognised in the gathering, and a sense of generosity.

"We must take risks and try new things," he said, even if they did not always work out.

He cautioned that people should bear in mind what was possible according to the parameters and doctrines of the Church.

Certain things were not possible, and he recognised that this sometimes created anger and angst. "A spirit of realism needs to engage with a spirit of imagination and energy," he said.

The assembly, which had the theme The Changing Face of Sunday, looked at issues such as how many Sunday Masses are needed, diminishing numbers attending, challenges and opportunities in the liturgy, how the Church can engage with young people, the concept of Sabbath rest, and approaches to giving.

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