Thursday, November 3, 2011


Two new books for children from CTS | CTS,children's books,'My Little Family Prayer Book,The Beautiful Story of Mary, Maite Roche. IND. CATH. NEWS REPORT: Nights are drawing in now, and before we know it Advent will have begun. It's a time for quiet reflection and preparation for Christmas. CTS has brought out two children's books that suit the season perfectly: 'My Little Family Prayer Book and The Beautiful Story of Mary, both written and illustrated by Maite Roche.

The prayerbook, intended to be read with children aged 2-5, includes prayers for family, a sorry prayer, special occasion, thank you and night prayers. The children I read it to, loved the book and pointed out tiny details in the illustrations - expressions on people's faces and small animals and toys that are all part of the story.

The book about Our Lady is meant to be read with children aged four or read by themselves when they are a bit older. Again, it is beautifully illustrated in vibrant colours.

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