Tuesday, December 20, 2011


ACTION SAINTS RELEASE: Action Saints is a part of Kolbe Film School, a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit public charity. The school’s mission is to train artists to create media that inspires a culture of life. Kolbe Film School provides online training for students around the world. As part of their curriculum each Action Saint is animated by students providing them real world experience in all facets of 3D computer animation. www.kolbefilmschool.com
Kolbe Film School is proud to announce their first line of four inch tall poseable saint-based action figures called Action Saints. This new line of toys fits the school’s mission of training artists how to create media that inspires a culture of life. Action Saints provide children the ability to put the heroes of our faith in action. They allow children to ask, “Who are your heroes?” St. Michael the Archangel leads the “fight for the toy box” as the company’s first action figure in the series. As the prince of the heavenly host, St. Michael leads the holy angels, Saints, and the Church militant over the evil powers against the Church today; a true hero for our times. They are scheduled for immediate shipment around December 1st, just in time for Christmas.
Surprisingly, there is nothing like Action Saints in the Catholic or Christian markets. There are many dangerous and breakable ceramic, metal, and glass statues of Saints but none that children can play with. These breakable statues literally relay to children the message about Saints is, “Do not touch!” Action Saints engage children in imaginary play and remove the child’s fear of breaking something. Additionally, they provide parents a wonderful opportunity to evangelize children in our faith. Action Saints are an affordable alternative for children to become acquainted with the heroes of our faith.
One parent told them that they let their son play with a non-child friendly statuette of St. Michael. Within two hours the wings broke off and he punctured himself with the spear. He loved playing with it however. He even slept with their ceramic statuette of St. Joseph, which by the way had an infant child Jesus missing a head and a hand. There clearly is a need.
Action Saints brings the lives of the Saints into an updated, exciting, and current toy that any child would be interested in playing with. The style and design is on par with any current action figure found in secular markets. Complementing the Action figures are trading cards for children to further learn more about the Saints. Many future Saints are planned and you can visit their website to vote for the next one to be produced. TO ORDER VISIT:

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