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UCAN REPORT: Parish Church reaches out to its non-Catholic neighbors reporter, Quang Tri town
December 26, 2011
Catholic Church News Image of Gala presents true meaning of Christmas
Residents of Quang Tri town watch cultural performances at a gala celebration on Christmas Eve in Tri Buu parish
A parish in central Vietnam held a Christmas gala yesterday in an effort to bring the message of the gospels to non-Christians in the region.
Some 500 guests from a variety of religious backgrounds visited the Tri Buu parish Church for cultural performances, a Nativity scene, the singing of Christmas carols and a meal of traditional foods.
Father Johng Baptist Le Quang Quy, head of the parish, said the event was an opportunity for the Church to educate its neighbors about the true meaning of Christmas.
“The special Christmas gala aims to provide Christmas meanings and Christian values for local no-Catholics, said the priest, who heads the Hue archdiocese’s Committee for Evangelization.
“Such events help bring Catholics and others to one another.”
He added that many people visited his parish Church to take photos of the Nativity scenes and attend rites in the Church.
Teresa Tran Thi My Dung, a parishioner, said she volunteered to serve visitors food, made many friends and explained the meaning of Christmas to them.
“This is a good opportunity to express our solidarity and good will to our neighbors.”
Le Dinh Lam, who attended the gala, said he and his family made their first visit to the Church.
“I want my two children to understand Catholicism and other faiths so that they can embrace a religion in the future,” the 30-year-old father said.
Fr Quy said that in the past some people who had been opposed to local Catholics have since become friends and have even cooperated in charity events as a result of evangelistic efforts such as the Christmas gala.
Tri Buu parish, in Quang Tri province, serves 926 Catholics among a total population of 30,000.

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