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 From 5 to 9 June 2013  The Archdiocese of Cologne with the decision of the German Bishops' Conference (DBK) will host a Eucharistic Congress with the entire German Catholic Church. The meeting is the celebration of faith and deepen the conversation and is subject to the biblical motto "Lord, to whom we go to?" (Jn 6:68). These include religious services, religious talks, quotes such as "Night Fever", lectures and theological academies and a cultural program with many opportunities to meet and exchange. The meeting is aimed mainly at Catholics from all German dioceses. Venues are the cathedral, Romanesque churches, other churches and secular venues in Cologne.

The Eucharist, Christ's presence in the form of bread and wine, is the central sacrament of the Church. It will therefore not only venerated especially, but is always also the subject of in-depth reflection and discussion. To this end, Catholic Christians gathered at the end of the 19th Century Eucharistic congresses. These meetings will make the centrality of the Eucharist in the life of the church consciously deepen their understanding, to emphasize its social importance, and publicly testify that Jesus Christ as the Eucharist, the living center of the church and its mission is. Eucharistic congresses are held both at the national level as well as internationally. In Germany, the last of the international Eucharistic Congress took place in Munich in 1960, the next is in 2012 in Dublin.
Organizers of the Congress 2013 in Cologne, the German Bishops' Conference, hosted the archbishopric of Cologne. The Steering Committee of the Congress are the Archbishops Reinhard Marx (Munich), Werner Thissen (Hamburg), Hans-Josef Becker (Paderborn), Ludwig Schick (Bamberg) and Rainer Woelki (Berlin). Chairman's Cardinal Joachim Meisner (also Chairman of the Liturgical Commission DBK), his deputy, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, Freiburg (also Chairman of the BNP). The Project Director of the Congress was appointed Monsignor Robert Small, he is Head of the Department of Pastoral Care in Cologne General Vicariate.

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