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"We invite the who search and doubt"
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INTERNET TRANSLATION FROM KATHOLISCH.DE : The next Holy rock pilgrimage takes place from April 13 until 13 may in Trier.

Judith Rupp on the preparation for the Holy rock pilgrimage 2012 in Trier

The Holy rock pilgrimage in Trier will take place from 13 April to 13 may 2012.The first pilgrimage in the 21st century under the motto "and do together what is separated".The Roman Catholic Diocese of expects about 500,000 pilgrims.This must be well prepared, both spiritually and organizationally.Katholisch.de has knocked in Judith Rupp, the press officer of the pilgrimage, and obeys even as preparations.
Katholisch.de: rock Mrs. Rupp, as originated the idea for the holy pilgrimage?

Rupp: This pilgrimage has a long tradition.The year 2012 has deliberately been chosen because it is a historical date.The first pilgrimage of this kind in 1512, 500 years ago.At that time there what the first public exhibition of this cloth relic - it is of particular historical importance, because the people has enforced this Zeigung.It what Reichstag in Trier and when Emperor Maximilian I, this has demanded by the then Bishop, to see the relic.When people heard, they have obtained almost the public Zeigung is in a 'movement from below'.

Katholisch.de: the name "Holy rock pilgrimage" suggests an association with a rock festival.What is it about?

Rupp: We hear more often and be telephone calls, in which we are asked, which bands than occur with US so.We then explain that it is a relic in the Cathedral of Trier.The tradition is the unzerteilte robe of Jesus Christ.The Gospel of John reports that that part of the garments of Jesus after his crucifixion were distributed.Leibrock of Jesus but, who what without seam, was found by the soldiers for a fragmentation as to precious and therefore they have drawn to him.Tradition says that country has brought this tunic from the Holy, Saint Helena, the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine to Trier.

Judith Rupp, Pressesprecherin der Heilig-Rock-Wallfahrt 2012 in Trier.
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Judith Rupp is the press officer of the Holy rock pilgrimage in 2012.
Katholisch.de: Who is the target group of this pilgrimage?
Rupp: The last pilgrimage in 1996 which produced by the character rather intended as Diocesan pilgrimage.For 2012 we said: we load a worldwide in all relationships in which our Diocese and the Catholic Church is.This begins with our has been going on for over 50 years Bolivia Partnership, beyond our control the connections to other dioceses in Germany and abroad to the partners in the Ecumenical work, which very preparations this pilgrimage engage.We invite not only Christians who see a sign for Jesus Christ in the cloth relic, but we invite the who seek and those who doubt.We want to Singapore people of all ages.Currently, we note that there is a lot of interest in young people.Our Youth Ministry is offering very much: for example a church of youth, the young people themselves their church room itself can make.

Katholisch.de: Currently runs the preparatory year - is the organisational side of the preparation or the spiritual?

Rupp: It's something of both.It as important that we 'stumble into it' as a diocese in the pilgrimage, but also spiritually and mentally next so apart sit to the organisational preparation our Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann.As a result, we launched the year of spiritual preparation on May 6 2011.We have put it under the theme 'salvation' and to make this topic can be experienced, we have shown a ' redemption ' path through the Emmaus story, which has five steps: existence, fainting, encouragement, leisure and hope.We note that a large number of parishes, associations, Deaconries and facilities in our Diocese to take this opportunity and make many actions in the approach to the pilgrimage., Parish communities, which have been newly founded on the 1 September go together to get to know better a pilgrimage route to.This is also the motto of our pilgrimage: 'And do together what is disconnected.'

Katholisch.de: Spiritual runs the preparation so well, how does it at the organizational level?

Rupp: Organizationally, we are concerned to adjust US to half a million people that will come in this time to Trier for so many months.That is, for example, that we must organize places, places, spaces, where events can take place, from small church services to out to large groups services.We develop a concept and a concept of security.And we try to set as a day for many pilgrims and pilgrims can see, also include cultural and accompanying programmes and catering.The volunteer search is another key priority in our Organization, we need a total 2,500 volunteer helpers and helpers.Currently we have about 1,400, because we need to put course a little.

Accommodation for pilgrims

This area is outside the Organization of the Diocèse, but is taken over by the tourism centres of the city of Trier and its surroundings.You can reach the Tourist Office at the contact options:
Tel.: 0651 / 97808-16
Fax: 0651 / 97808 69 http://www.trier-info.de/
Katholisch.de: must a potential helpers meet what criteria?
Rupp: Everyone is invited to register as volunteer with US.The helpers must be so not Catholic.The joy of the encounter with people and a willingness to put a bit of time for the pilgrimage are important.We train the volunteers, they are equipped by US and fed.We can not provide generally an accommodation, therefore most of the volunteers and helpers occur naturally from the vicinity of Trier.But in individual cases we can organize on accommodation for dedicated volunteers who help on several days in a row.If for example someone from Hamburg says: 'I would like to come three days and help', then he is welcome to participate!

Katholisch.de: What is specifically the pilgrims in the of pilgrimage month?

Rupp: In the 31 pilgrimage days a variety of expected pilgrims: addition to the daily times of pilgrimage in the Cathedral, there will be various service activities, also in extensive cultural and accompanying programs.And the various groups of pilgrims will naturally shape with the days.

To get the substantive priorities that we set for this pilgrimage.The first focuses on pilgrims.This is 'in', quite clear.By 1996, we know that many people walking on the road have made and partly in several one-day stages are pilgrimages to Trier.Because we have recognised and give the people of "Tools" on the way.For this we have published a spiritual Pilgrim leader, a book with seven routes of pilgrimage from the whole Diocese of animal, which can be made in several stages.We have so short pilgrimage routes, around Trier, for people who do not trust to a distance or time does not make itCurrently, a course in the pilgrims Companion is trained, so people who accompany groups, show them not only the way, but they so spiritually accompany.And when the foot or bicycle pilgrimage then in Trier, they can dip in a pilgrimage oasis at the trier brother hospital and strengthen - a very nice offer, as I find.

The second focus is: spiritual communities.We have invited various spiritual communities such as Taizé, Ark or EmmanuelThese will be present on the entire pilgrimage era in varying degrees in many churches in the city centre.The pilgrims can experience there as spiritual life in such a community can see and are invited to participate in.

Katholisch.de: must consider what pilgrims in advance?

Rupp: We would like to ask the groups to log on.1996 700,000 pilgrims came, but only around 110,000 pilgrims were logged on.Therefore we have great interest in this pilgrimage course, that the groups sign up, simply so that we can better plan and also the days can facilitate the groups thus.

Note: For more information, see www.heilig-rock-wallfahrt.de .
Interview conducted by Sarah Schortemeyer
The next Holy rock pilgrimage takes place from April 13 until 13 may in Trier.

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