Wednesday, January 18, 2012


UCAN REPORT: Order says it is looking to expand its activities in the country reporter, Dhaka
Catholic Church News Image of Jesuits to open college in Dhaka
St. Xavier’s College
Jesuits are planning to open a new college in Dhaka in a bid to expand their services in the country, the BBC’s Bengali service reported yesterday.
Jesuit Father Felix Raj, principal of St Xavier’s College in Kolkata, said they would like to extend more than 150 years of experience in higher education to Bangladeshi students, the report said.
The report added that the authorities are looking at either establishing a branch or a new college in Dhaka.
“I will meet the Bangladeshi prime minister next month to inform her of our willingness to start a St Xavier’s in Dhaka. If she agrees and promises to help us with necessary infrastructure, we will open a college there,” said Fr Raj.
He said if they can open a St Xavier’s college in Dhaka they have plans for curriculum, faculty and teacher exchanges between the Kolkata and Dhaka branches.
“The Jesuits’ Kolkata province is seeking to expand the services of our order in Bangladesh. We’ve already opened a training center and it will be really great to open a higher education center there,” Fr Raj continued.

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