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Vocations_launch 2012Friday 20 April 2012
“Vocations are everyone’s business”, said Archbishop Denis Hart when he launched the Vocations new DVD/Resource Kit and Website on Thursday evening, 19 April at the Cardinal Knox Centre.
Archbishop Hart went on to say how pleasing it was to see so many people present to support the work of the Catholic Vocations Office.

Vocations Over 100 representatives from Religious communities, the regional seminary, Archdiocesan agencies, young people from youth Holy Hour and those who had contributed to the film Catholic Vocations, the Gift of God’s Love attended the launch.
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Fr Binh Le, Director of Vocations paid special thanks to the Director of the Catholic Education Office, represented at the launch by Mr John McInerney, who through an annual grant to Catholic Vocations was instrumental in this resource being developed for use in schools. He also thanked Dave Collins and Madeleine Clements who did the film/editing of the DVD and Jeremy Yuen from Catholic Communications who designed the Resource Kit and website.
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The Resource Kit introduces young people to the Christian Vocations of single life, marriage, consecrated life and ordained ministry (priesthood and permanent diaconate).
The kit includes a workbook and DVD, and provides an introduction to the concept of vocations.
It seeks to raise awareness of:
  • the four Christian vocations
  • God's call in the life of each person
  • That God uses our gifts and talents in what he calls us to
  • The four key steps in the discernment process: look, ask, listen, pray
The nine minute DVD, filmed in Melbourne, presents the different vocations and aims to present each of these as valid options for all young people.
At the laucnh, Vocations Special Projects Officer Jonathon Zarb described how the DVD/resource kit can be used in schools and youth groups.
Office Manager Joan Clements presented the new website, briefly going through the great range of information that is available.

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