Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Mission Titanic :
There were 3 priests on board Fr. Juozas Montevila, Fr.Joseph Peruschitz, and Fr. Thomas Byles.
1)The first priest, pictured, on the journey was Fr. Juozas Montevila of Lithuania. He studied at Seminary of Seinai now part of Poland. He was ordained on March 22, 1908. Due to his living in Russia his priestly ministry was persecuted so he had to flee. He had tried to minister to suppressed Catholics under the Czarist regime. He was 27 years old when the Titanic sank.
2) Father Joseph Peruschitz OSB of the Benedictine monastery of Bavaria, Germany was one of the passengers who died on the Titanic 100 years ago. He refused a place on the life boat for someone else and knelt and prayed the Rosary with 100 other people on deck.
 Father Peruschitz was a teacher of math, music and sports.
On the Sunday the two priests, Fr. Peruschitz and Fr. Byles held a multi-lingual Church service. Then the passengers sang hymns together.
3) The third priest pictured is Fr. Thomas Byles was a convert from England. He was ordained in Rome in 1902. He was a teacher at his local Parish School. He heard the confessions of the passengers as the boat sank and gave up his place in the life boat. Titanic - A Tragic Destiny
 (image source: http://www.padremarcelotenorio.com/ and www.google.com )

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