Sunday, May 13, 2012


RADIO VATICANA REPORT: Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass in Arezzo, Italy, on Sunday morning, during the first leg of a pastoral visit to the central Italian area rich in monastic and contemplative tradition. Following Mass, the Holy Father prayed the Regina coeli. Below, please find the full text of Pope Benedict XVI's remarks at the Regina coeli.


Dear brothers and sisters.

At the conclusion of this liturgical celebration, the Marian prayer invites us to place ourselves spiritually before the image of Our Lady of Comfort, which is kept in the Cathedral.

As Mother of the Church, Our Lady always wants to comfort her children at the time of their greatest difficulties and sufferings. This City has often experienced her maternal assistance. So, today too, we commit to her intercession, all the people and families of your community which find themselves in situations of serious need.

At the same time, through Mary, we invoke from God the gift of moral comfort, so that this community, and the whole of Italy, may resist the temptation to become discouraged and, strengthened by this great humanist tradition, it may set out again on the road to spiritual and ethical renewal which can only lead to an authentic improvement in social and civil life.
In this regard, each and every one must make their contribution.

Mary, Our Lady of Comfort, pray for us.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time my dear children of my father GOD.And I pray we always say this in times of love. GODBLESS y'all always and forever with I love you in CHRIST my lord and GOD.!!! MUAH and HUGS!!!