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MARYLAND, March 26, 2013 (CISA) -Maryland County District Representative, Isaac B Roland, has asserted that he is in full support of plans to constitutionally return Liberia to a Christian state. The Maryland County lawmaker’s assertions come in the wake of the recent move by a group of Christians under the banner, the Restoration to Liberia’s Christian Heritage Committee’s petition to the Legislature, seeking a constitutional referendum for the return of the country to a Christian nation.
Recently, several Christians converged at the seat of the Liberian Legislature, The Capitol Building to petition members of both Houses to restore Liberia to what they called the country’s Christian heritage.
Rev Jomah Woiwor, Chairman of the Liberia Restoration to Christian Heritage Committee read a letter of petition on behalf of the many Christians gathered at the Capitol Building:”We are assembled as a physical representation of the Liberian people to present to you, the Legislature, and our collective will to consider our petition of constitutionally restoring Liberia to a Christian nation as provided by chapter X11 article 91 of the 1986 revised constitution.”
Article 91 of the Liberian Constitution states:”This Constitution may be amended whenever a proposal by either
(1) two thirds of the membership of both Houses of the Legislature or (2) a petition submitted to the Legislature, by not fewer than 10,000 citizens which receives the concurrence of two thirds of the membership of both Houses of the Legislature, is ratified by two thirds of the registered voters, voting in a referendum conducted by the Elections Commission not sooner than one year after the action of the Legislature.”
The Chairman of the Liberia Restoration to Christian Heritage Committee added that the churches involved had gathered more than the required signatures of 10,000 to amend the constitution.
“Today we make a historic petition of more than 700,000 Liberians from the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia,” Rev Woiwor said.
He averred that the preamble of the 1847 Liberian Constitution laid the foundation of Christian heritage, adding that: “Africa acknowledging with devout gratitude, the goodness of God in granting to us the blessings of the Christian religion and political, religious and civil liberty, do, in order to secure these blessings for ourselves and our posterity, and to establish the justice, insure domestic peace, and promote the general welfare, hereby solemnly associate, and constitute ourselves a free, sovereign and independent state by the name the Republic of Liberia, and do ordain and establish this constitution for the governance of the same.”

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