Agenzia Fides REPORT - "The roads of the region are in poor condition, and this has resulted in a series of fatal accidents, as in the case of the four priests who died last Friday," is what the Bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes, Mgr. José María de la Torre Martín said to the press, who has urged the authorities to fix these roads.
The Bishop added that "I have discovered myself that some roads in the State of Jalisco are in a very bad condition, but this also happens in our State, where there are roads in terrible condition, and this is why motorists must be very careful to avoid accidents. "With regards to the death of 4 the priests in the region, Mgr. de la Torre Martín, said he was deeply saddened by what happened, and hopes that other priests who are still in hospital are able to get well soon, "the priests killed were young people between 27 and 28 years of age and very active in the life of the Church and were very popular in their parishes. "
The tragedy happened last Friday: a group of 13 priests returning from a priesthood meeting, from Jalisco to Aguascalientes. At the height of Ojos de Zarco, the van that transported them had a flat tire, apparently due to poor road conditions, and it ended up in a deep ravine. The van overturned several times on itself causing the immediate death of the 3 priests, the others were taken to the nearest hospital, but yesterday father Juan Carlos Pulido, the fourth in the group died. 4 priests remain in the hospital with minor injuries. (CE)