Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardinal Pell Launches Catholic Talk in AUSTRALIA

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
24 May 2013

In the final presentation at The Great Grace Conference, the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell launched a new and exciting initiative - Catholic Talk.
Catholic Talk is a group of people who can present views in the media on all issues through a Catholic perspective.
This group comprises a diverse range of Catholics, professional and students, as well as clergy and religious who aim to offer a contribution in the media from the rich Catholic tradition.
Catholic Talk does not speak on behalf of any bishop or diocese but instead seeks to articulate a personal, relevant and clear Catholic perspective in the media.
In launching Catholic Talk Cardinal Pell said it is extremely important the views of Catholics from all walks of life and age groups are represented.
He said; "It can be very difficult to get our views across in the media. We  are all aware of the importance of communication, especially on social networks, blogs and Twitter.  I hope this will provide the opportunity for those who feel they are unrepresented to have the opportunity and platform to have their views heard.
"Also I would like to see Catholic Talk grow into a trusted resource for the media. "
Catholic Talk is a home-grown Australian  response to the call Pope Francis made early in his papacy.
"We need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others."
A website is being developed to support the communications effort of this group. It will also be a hub for an interactive exchange of ideas as well as providing great resources.
"I would like to see Catholic Talk eventually grow and expand. There is a great need for this kind of initiative," Cardinal Pell

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