Francis Pope blesses the march for life

MARCIA PER LA VIDA RELEASE (Internet translation): The March for Life has brought 40 thousand people today in Rome, the Pope greeted at the Regina Coeli and then met at the parade on approaching Popemobile in way of conciliation. The welcome of Pope Francis represents, according to the promoters of the event, the highest recognition for the initiative and the confirmation of the sensitivity of the Pope to the non-negotiable principles, beginning with the right to life.
The March for Life began at the Coliseum with the greetings of the many representatives of movements pro-life came from all over the world, including Jeanne Monahan, president of the March for Life in Washington, Lila Rose, considered the organization pro-abortion Planned Parenthood as the number one enemy, Geoffrey Strickland, a Priest for Life , Dr. Xavier Dor, doctor convicted 15 times in France for fighting against abortion, Blondine Serieyx, representative of Manuf pour tous French, Burkhard Antony, representative of Droit de naĆ®tre , another French association committed to the defense of life and Federica Iannace Swift, Irish Youth Defence .
Our march is that of a people of life, defending life, wants to breathe new life into a company that decomposes and dies , "said Virginia Nunziante Coda, a spokesman for the event, in his opening speech. He also talked about the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, who denounced the " massacre of the innocents "that is consumed by abortion.The mayor has followed the procession up to Piazza Venezia. He traveled all the way instead of the March, the Colosseum in Castel Sant'Angelo, His Emin. the card. Raymond Leo Burke, who, in Eucharistic adoration held on the eve, called the event " an expression of the Catholic faith and act of service to the society in which we live and its common good . "

The march was held in a peaceful and festive, in a riot of flags, slogans and signs large and small extolling the life and anti-abortion laws in force in Italy and other countries of the world. Lots of young people and families with children, to testify that there is a rearguard action, but to fight for a future and a society that is more just.
Great was the number of religious present, including the Institute of the Incarnate Word, the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the Sons of Divine Providence, the latter led by their superior general, Fr Flavio Peloso. ,
Took part in the march, strictly nonpartisan and without slogans and political symbols, several MPs, including Maurizio Gasparri, Giorgia Meloni, Maurizio Sacconi, Eugenia Roccella, Carlo Giovanardi, Stefano De Lillo, Carlo Casini and Paola Binetti.
The demonstration ended in St Peter's Square where the Pope, who had already hailed the March for Life in hisRegina Coeli , fell into the crowd met the participants.
Rome, May 12, 2012