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St. Pölten ( / dsp) Former Bishop Kurt Krenn has died after a long illness on Saturday, 25 January 2014 to 20.17 at the age of 78. Kurt Krenn died peacefully surrounded by his family at the convent of the Servants of the Immaculate in Gerersdorf in St. Pölten, where he was cared for in recent years.Kurt Krenn was from 1987 to 1991 Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Vienna and from 1991 to 2004 Diocesan Bishop of St. Pölten. particular concern were for Bishop Krenn the young and the formation of priests. Therefore, his attention was especially the Theological College and Seminary. "It is tragic that even the latter became the great dispute and eventually had to be regarded as a failure," says Bishop Klaus Küng said in a statement to the death of his predecessor. "That was definitely the worst disappointment of Bishop Krenn."

Küng: "Concern for the Church has determined his life" "Looking back on every life there is light and shadow," said Bishop Küng, "and sometimes it comes at a controversial people on the own standpoint to decide where the light ends and the shadow begins. Bishop Kurt may have had weaknesses, his appearances and utterances must have irritated some people, yes annoyed and offended. We also not forget that the concern have around the Church and her mission determines his life. In this respect, it can be a role model for each and every one of us. " Kurt Krenn was born on 28June was born in 1936 in Rannariedl (Upper Austria), the second of six children of the teacher Karl Krenn, who died in the war family. He graduated in Oberkappel and high school in Schlierbach The elementary school. In 1954 he entered the seminary Linz and studied theology first at the Philosophical-Theological educational institution Linz, then philosophy and theology at the Gregorian University and Canon Law at the Lateran University in Rome. On 7 October 1962, he was ordained in the Church of St. Ignatius in Rome as a priest. This was followed by studies in Tübingen and Munich, where he was from 1966 - 1970 worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Theology. 1970 - 1975 he was a professor of philosophy at the Philosophical-Theological College in Linz and 3 semester lecturer at the Theological College of St. Pölten, 1975, he was a full professor at the Department of "Systematic Theology" at the Faculty of the University Catholic Theological Regensburg appointed. 'As a professor, he was adored by quite a few, "recalls Bishop Küng. "His manner of performance was distinguished by clarity and depth with the special ability to show the big picture as well as the references to the current problems. He had a very good memory and a brilliant formulation gift, was not very good with people, even with ordinary people in conversation. A large Diskutierfreudigkeit has always distinguished him. "Krenn has gladly done in his Regensburg time pastoral temporary workers in his home town, was also prepared for the celebration of religious services for special concern such as the protection of life. When Kurt Krenn on 3 March was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Vienna in 1987, he learned from the beginning strong resistance, in which he did not shrink from the confrontation. Entrusted with the fields of art, culture and science, he could bring his concerns in lectures, sermons and interviews well discussed. "For him it was all about the mission of the Church as herald of truth for the people of all times, even our time," says Bishop Küng. "Especially engaged, he defended the right to protection of life of every human being from the moment of conception to natural death, trying to use every opportunity to study the role of the family in the development of society and the importance rooted in human nature itself and established human explain sexuality and to identify the correct understanding of conscience, especially in its relation to God's commandments. The discussions which he had caused, however, often violently. "Bishop Krenn's work as diocesan bishop of St. Pölten was then - probably just because of the previous discussions - "very difficult," says Küng. "It succeeded Bishop Krenn not to defuse the resulting polarization with time. These have even unfortunately reinforced over the years, a number of factors played a role. That is why it is still not easy, its person to be his efforts and his efforts justice. Those who knew him well know that he has not suffered from the situation a little, you should also not overlook the fact that under the stresses encountered many others suffered. "
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