Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star Basketball player Adreian Payne friend Little 8-year old Lacey dies of Cancer

Lacey Holsworth, 8 year old, was the friend MSU Star Basketball player Adreian Payne, 23. They met in hospital 2 years ago and she attended his games. Lacey has passed away after a long battle with cancer. The little girl, from St. Johns, Michigan, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, cancer. Her parents said, 'She now dances among angels. 'Lacey is my special friend and she's a good sister to me,'  Michigan State star Payne, told BTN. 'She has taught me to fight through everything, to always have a smile on my face even when things are wrong.'
FOR BREAKING NEWS AND INSPIRATIONAL STORIES AND FREE MOVIES  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK NOW   He called her Princess Lacey. Doctors discovered two tumors - one in her abdomen and another around her spine. Payne's own mother passed away in his arms when he was 13. Payne had said he just wanted to bring Lacey happiness so she can forget her pain for a little while. 'It can't be all about you,' Payne said. 'That’s true with your teammates. What can you do to help make them better? And it’s true with others you meet. 'It's more important to have a role in other people's lives that you care for.' 'She calls me her "Superman", but she’s the one who's got the super strength,' Payne said.

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