Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Storms in the USA cause over 30 Deaths - Please Pray

Severe storms have caused great damage and over 30 deaths in the United States Midwest and South since Sunday. Deadly tornadoes and storms hit parts of the Southern United States on Monday and into Tuesday. Many business and homes were destroyed, while tens of thousands of people were without power. This system of severe weather swept through Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma on Sunday. Arkansas suffered the most with a half-mile-wide tornado through Little Rock. Torrential rain in southeastern Alabama and Florida brought high water into homes and forced two major military bases to shut down Wednesday. Tornadoes have penetrated several states. Some regions had more than a foot of rain in 24 hours. At least 36 lives were taken in Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. About 37 million people are at risk in places like Jacksonville, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Virginia Beach; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Atlanta, according to the National Weather Service. (Image source: Google Images)

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