Friday, April 11, 2014

Viral Video of Little Girl told not to Pray at School - She Stands Up for God Share!

Officials at an elementary school in Florida have started an investigation after a kindergartner who stated that she was ‘not allowed to pray’ over her lunch. They have identified the monitor responsible for interrupting her prayer. Marcos and Kathy Perez told reporters last week that their daughter Gabriella was stopped from praying at Carillon Elementary School in Oviedo.

FOR INSPIRATIONAL STORIES AND FREE MOVIES  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK NOW   They emailed the school about the matter and recorded a video of Gabriella outlining the incident in her own words. “I was about to pray and say something to Jesus,” Gabriella explained, showing how she had put her hands together and bowed her head. “My lunch teacher told me when I was about to say something, she said, ‘You’re not allowed to pray.’” “[I said] ‘It’s good to pray,’” the kindergartner continued. “And she just said, ‘It’s not good.’” The Perez’ contacted Principal Analynn Jones, who then spoke to staff members about the issue and to outline that students have the right to pray in school. Liberty Institute, which has been assisting the Perez family at no charge.

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