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List of Archbishops who Received Pallium from Pope Francis - Video/Text

Pope Francis at Mass for the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis celebrated Mass for the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul on Sunday, in the Basilica of Saint Peter. During the Mass, he conferred the pallium on Archbishops from around the world who had been appointed within the past year.
The pallium is a woolen vestment that hangs over the shoulders of Archbishops, a symbol of their jurisdiction and their union with the Pope.
In his homily for the Mass, Pope Francis spoke about the confidence we must have in the Lord. Recalling the story of Saint Peter’s deliverance from prison in the first reading, the Pope said “Peter realized that the Lord had ‘rescued him from the hand of Herod’; he realized that the Lord had freed him from fear and from chains.” We too are freed by the Lord, “from every fear and from all that enslaves us, so that we can be truly free.”
Speaking to the Archbishops, Pope Francis said, “the problem for us, then, is fear, and looking for refuge in our pastoral responsibilities.”
“I wonder, dear brother bishops,” he said, “are we afraid? What are we afraid of?”
Pope Francis said, “The witness of Saint Peter reminds us that our true refuge is trust in God. Trust in God banishes all fear and sets us free from every form of slavery and all worldly temptation.”
Peter, he said, “does not trust himself and his own strength, but instead entrusts himself to Jesus and His mercy… Precisely at this moment fear, insecurity and cowardice dissipate.”
God is always faithful, the Pope continued, and this fidelity is “the source of our confidence and peace.” The Lord’s fidelity “keeps kindled within us the desire to serve Him and to serve our sisters and brothers in charity.”
Pope Francis said the example of Peter resonates today, especially for Bishops, but also for all Pastors: “This experience of Peter is a message for us too, dear brother archbishops.  Today the Lord repeats to me, to you, and to all pastors: Follow me!  Waste no time in questioning or in useless chattering; do not dwell on secondary things, but look to what is essential and follow me.  Follow me without regard for the difficulties.  Follow me in preaching the Gospel.  Follow me by the witness of a life shaped by the grace you received in baptism and holy orders.  Follow me by speaking of me to those with whom you live, day after day, in your work, your conversations and among your friends.  Follow me by proclaiming the Gospel to all, especially to the least among us, so that no one will fail to hear the word of life which sets us free from every fear and enables us to trust in the faithfulness of God. Follow me!”
Shared from Radio Vaticana - Video and List Shared from RomeReports
 1. Msgr. Victor Henry THAKUR, Archbishop of Raipur (India) 
 2. Msgr. José Rafael QUIRÓS QUIRÓS, Archbishop of San José de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) 
 3. Msgr. Giuseppe FIORINI MOROSINI, O.M., Archbishop of the region of Calabria-Bova (Italy) 
 4. Msgr. Leo W. CUSHLEY, Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh (Scotland) 
 5. Msgr. Jaime SPENGLER, O.F.M., Archbishop of Porto Alegre (Brazil) 
 6. Msgr. Jean-Luc BOUILLERET, Archbishop of Besançon (France) 
 7. Msgr. Leonard Paul BLAIR, Archbishop of Hartford (U.S.A.) 
 8. Msgr. Gabriel ‘Leke ABEGUNRIN, Archbishop of Ibadan (Nigeria) 
 9. Msgr. Sebastian Francis SHAW, O.F.M., Archbishop of Lahore (Pakistan) 
 10. Msgr. Franz LACKNER, O.F.M., Archbishop of Salzburg (Austria) 
 11. Msgr. Thomas Luke MSUSA, S.M.M., Archbishop of Blantyre (Malawi) 
 12. Msgr. Benjamin Marc Balthason RAMAROSON, C.M., Archbishop of Antsiranana (Madagascar) 13. Msgr. René Osvaldo REBOLLEDO SALINAS, Archbishop of La Serena (Chile) 
 14. Msgr. Marlo M. PERALTA, Archbishop of Nueva Segovia (The Philippines) 
 15. Msgr. Emmanuel OBBO, Archbishop of Tororo (Uganda) 
 16. Msgr. Daniel Fernando STURLA BERHOUET, S.D.B., Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) 
 17. Msgr. Marco ARNOLFO, Archbishop of Vercelli (Italy) 
 18. Msgr. Damian Denis DALLU, Archbishop of Songea (Tanzania) 
 19. Msgr. Romulo T. DE LA CRUZ, Archbishop of Zamboanga (The Philippines) 
 20. Msgr. Malcolm Patrick McMAHON, O.P., Archbishop of Liverpool (England) 
 21. Msgr. Paul BÙI VN OC, Archbishop of Thành-Phô Hô Chí Minh, Hôchiminh Ville (Vietnam) 
 22. Msgr. Wojciech POLAK, Archbishop of Gniezno (Poland) 
 23. Msgr. José Luiz Majella DELGADO, C.SS.R., Archbishop of Pouso Alegre (Brazil) 
 24.Msgr. Agustinus AGUS, Archbishop of Pontianak (Indonesia) 
 Archbishops who won't be present at the ceremony: 
 25. Msgr. Tarcisius Gervazio ZIYAYE, Archbishop of Lilongwe (Malawi) 
 26. Msgr. Nicholas MANG THANG, Archbishop of Mandalay (Burma) 
 27. Msgr. Stephan BURGER, Archbishop of Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)

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