Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Touching meeting of Young Girl with Cancer and Pope Francis through Make-a-wish...SHARE

 "My motto is, you have no choice but to be strong, but you can choose to be happy and positive. That's helped me through a ton of stuff. I have to stay through this. I have to keep going," Gracie said.  Gracie was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nerve cells. Her parents, Sharon West said. "We have to really focus on the positive and the next step and different ways that we can do things to make a difference."  Raised a Catholic, she prayed and then Make-A-Wish, the foundation granted Gracie her desire.  "I'm excited and a little bit nervous because it's, like, the pope," she said. "It's like the closest thing to God, so I'm excited." The family got reserved seats at the pope's weekly audience, but only Gracie and her brother Joe got to meet him.  "It's just going to make my faith stronger," Gracie said. "It's going to help me more. I feel like it's going to help me through stuff more."  Please SHARE this to give hope during this season....

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