Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wow Over 45000 at March for Life in #Paris - Against #Euthanasia

An Impressive march against euthanasia. Over 45,000 marchers in Paris The March for Life  prove that the defenders of life in France are increasingly present. Julie Graziani , spokesperson of the March for Life said today in reading the Manifesto life: " We know that history will bring us justice and that future generations will be surprised to know that in France , in this century, they killed children in the womb and dying in their hospital beds ".The count conducted by the organization said there were more than 45,000 marchers in the streets of Paris. At a time when Fran├žois Hollande wants to hire a reform of the end of life that will legalize euthanasia certain acts, walkers are supporting Viviane Lambert . Of large posters announcing "I'm Vincent Lambert ." This young minimally conscious state became a symbol. 

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