Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#Breaking 2 underground #Catholic Priests arrested in China - Please Pray

BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera

Rome (AsiaNews) - Chinese police seized two priests today in the city of Mutanjiang (Heilongjiang). The two clergymen - Fr Shaoyun Quan, 41, and Fr Jianyou Cao, 43 - had just celebrated Mass. After their arrest at 10.30 am, they were taken to an unknown location.
Fr Quan, the parish priest, and Fr Cao, his deputy, serve underground communities that are not recognised by the government. They perform their duties at locations that are not registered with the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Under existing rules, religious activities outside government control are illegal. Anyone involved in such actions can be arrested for "criminal" activities.
Still, local Catholics are stunned by the violence of the two clergymen's arrest. Although they are underground priests, their activities were known to police, and tolerated as long as they kept a "low profile". Indeed, the two carried out their duties, including evangelisation, "peacefully" and "quietly" in the past few months.
Lately, some observers and the international press have reported with some confidence that China would soon start talks with the Holy See over diplomatic relations.

However, in recent statements, Chinese authorities reiterated their intention to proceed with electing and appointing bishops without papal mandate or consideration for underground communities.

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It is said the current President feels a need to restore Communist hardline against resurgence in talk of the fall of the Communist Party control due to economic troubles and the liberty talk of foreign economists.