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Wow #Twin Brothers who are both #Monks make New TV Show - SHARE

ICONS Release: Real People. Real Presence. is a bold new experience in Catholic television. We’re taking Catholic TV out of the studio and into the streets to meet people where they live and show how God is working through them to bring peace, love, joy and compassion to people who need it most.
We’ve always been the kind of guys who love action. We love stories. We love Christ. And we love it when all those things come together.
We are inspired by the many young people we meet who aren’t afraid to give their lives to Christ and step up to feed the poor, care for the sick and work for peace and justice in the world. We want to celebrate those who celebrate life by seeing a need in our world and filling it in an amazing way. That is the spirit of ICONS. We want to share these remarkable stories with everyone! Shared from

About the Brothers:
We’re members of the Catholic order of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR). We are also twins! Actually, we’re triplets. We have a beautiful sister named Katie (no, she’s not a nun!) who is a great mom and hardworking coordinator of many of the exciting initiatives at the Live Greater Foundation. We also have an older brother, Bob, who is a devoted husband and father and businessman. Our parents are our biggest supporters and we love them dearly. They have done so much to help our dreams for our mission work come true. Their work with the Live Greater Foundation is truly inspiring.
We are both studying to be priests at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers, New York. It’s a whole different world from our childhood roots growing up in Nebraska, but we love being here. We consider it a great gift to be members of the CFR's and to be able to live, pray and work with such a dedicated group of men that God is using in a powerful way.
Between our studies and our ministries (Brother Innocent works at a homeless shelter for men in the Bronx, Brother Angelus works at a youth center in the Bronx ), we spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas for ICONS and new ways to use media to reach out to God’s people.
We both like to kid around, but in all seriousness, we are completely devoted to spreading the Gospel messages of Jesus Christ and eager to find ways to help people live more like Christ — by living in faith and taking action to help create a better, kinder and more peaceful world.


• 2 minutes older than Brother Angelus. (This is super important! I am the BIG BROTHER!)
• Had a childhood dream to be a veterinarian, instead he joined the Franciscans!
- Likes to play sports, read and hang out with his “Bros” at the friary
• Loves his nieces and nephews (They are my favorite people in the world!)
• Joined the CFR order in 2007
• Inspired to work with men who struggle with addiction. (Teaches "Spirituality of the 12 Steps" class to homeless men every week)
• Has a favorite superhero: Captain America. (He’s my favorite because he is virtuous and super COOL at the same time)


• Officially the "baby" brother. (They never let me forget it!)
• Had a childhood dream to be the press secretary for the President (Now, I hope to be one for the Lord!)
• Joined CFR's in 2009. (Born 2 minutes after my Bro and joined the order 2 years after he did, story of my life!)
• Has a secret love for politics. (and is fervently praying for conversion!)
• Works at the St. Francis Youth Center in the Bronx. (I love walking with young people as they encounter Christ).
• Likes to play sports, read and cook a nice meal for his Bro’s. (they enjoy it most of the time!)
• Thinks the coolest little people in the whole world are his nieces and nephews. (They are the BEST!)
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