Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Homeless Piano Player in #VIRAL video reconnects with Son - Touching Story to SHARE

A homeless man from Florida has become famous with this viral video of him playing piano.  Donald Gould was found playing the piano outside a restaurant in Sarasota and a mother tried to help him.
A video was made and a Donald Gould Facebook page, and GoFundMe campaign was launched . In an Amazing turn of events Donald was able to reconnect with his 18 year-old son, Donny. Donny, was adopted by a Michigan couple at the age of five. Terri and Darryl, the adoptive parents, received a phone call from a friend who saw the story of Donald on Inside Edition.(Donny pictured below)
Donny hadn't seen his Dad since he was three. Donny says he loves his adopted parents, but still wanted to meet his biological father. He told Inside Edition that he thought getting in touch with Donald might "help the piano man as he gets his life back on track." Father and son recently had a video chat. Donald plans to enter rehab.
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